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  • Key Leader Grauate Receives the Young Humanitarian Award

    The Canadian Red Cross has announced Key Leader graduate Alisha Virmani as the winner of the Young Humanitarian Award for the province of New Brunswick for 2013. According to the Moncton Times and Transcript (6/4/2013):

    Virmani travels to conferences and human rights commissions,   speaking to students and teachers about her experiences being bullied in middle and high school. At a point, she had difficulty getting the bullies to stop.

    "I've been advocating for youth to try to put in place policy to stop that from happening again," Virmani said. "I've worked really closely with the New Brunswick Ministerial Advisory Committee and I've actually been able to pass three aspects in the new New Brunswick Education Act, three pieces of legislation."   

    Glen Bagnell remembers Alisha as very insecure when she first attended Key Leader in Nova Scotia, and that she had been the subject of constant bullying at school. During the event, "life came alive for her...and she went on to become a leader in her school and community."

    Thank you to Burt Green and Glen Bagnell for sharing this great Key Leader story!

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