Service Leadership Programs

Lead Facilitators

Each Key Leader weekend is facilitated by a highly qualified and trained Lead Facilitator. Learn more about the amazing people who inspire tomorrow's leaders by clicking on their names below:

Carol Clyde-Gallagher  |  Craig Crawford  |  Jane Erickson    

Tracey Devereaux  |  Josh Hiscock  |  Andrew Heng 

 Scott Johnson  |  Brian LeDuc  |  Greg Long  

Chris Ly  |  Chris Niles  |  Chris SinghDoug Peters 

Mic Platt  |  Carol Richard   |  Brian Ritchie

Nancy Short  |  Annie Smith   |  Kim White    


Our 2019 lead facilitators and staff (Left to Right): 

Top row L to R: Doug Peters, Mic Platt, Annie Smith, Carol Clyde-Gallagher, Chris Niles, Craig Crawford, Chris Ly, Nancy Short, Scott Johnson, Chris Singh

Front row L to R: Lisa Pyron, Andrew Heng, Brian LeDuc, Greg Long, Tracey Devereaux, Josh Hiscock, Carol Richard, Nik Koulogeorge, Dick Peterson

 Not Pictured: Kim White, Jane Erickson, Brian Ritchie